Foreign language Peloton Classes – Will there be Spanish Peloton Classes?

Peloton has slowly been growing more global over the years. They first expanded to Canada, then a few years later, over to the United Kingdom. Peloton then branched out into their first foreign language market – Germany. Once this happened, the floodgates of questions opened about What language will Peloton classes be in next? In particular, a lot of people seem to hope that they will be able to take their next bike ride, or tread run, in Spanish.

In April 2021, Peloton officially announced they would be introducing Spanish language Peloton classes. To start off with, only Peloton yoga classes are available in Spanish, led by new instructor Mariana Fernandez, who will be teaching out of the NYC studio.

It seems likely that the next step will be for Peloton to add Spanish language cycling classes on the Bike, or Spanish language running classes for the Tread – but at this point it isn’t clear how long it will be before Peloton expands their Spanish language classes offerings.

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