Peloton’s Extended Warranty policy updated in UK – Confusion over the weekend

This weekend, there was some confusion online around whether Peloton had quietly updated their policy around extended warranties in the UK. The long-standing policy around Peloton’s extended warranties (once the standard 1 year warranty that comes with the Bike has run out) has been that you don’t have to purchase it when you buy the bike – you can add it on afterwards. This was advertised to people buying new Peloton Bikes & Treads by Peloton salespeople.

Over the weekend many reports started popping online, in groups like the Official Peloton UK Member Group on Facebook, of people being told by customer support that there had been a policy change, and this was no longer possible – effective immediately. Adding to the confusion was that it appeared Peloton’s sales team could still add extended warranties on, even while customer support was saying this wasn’t possible. This led to the sales team fielding a flood of calls of people trying to add on their extended warranties, in case the policy change did take place.

Today, Peloton has begun reaching out to many people who had emailed support over the weekend, informing them there had been a “miscommunication” on their team – and it was still possible to buy an extended warranty up to 12 months after the Bike arrived. They were then directed to contact the sales team to add it on, not customer support.

The emails have some small variations, but here is one example that was sent. Other examples share the same basic message.

I am contacting you from our escalation team.

I am so sorry for the confusion around our service plans. There was a miscommunication on our end, and for that we thank you for being so patient.

You have 12 months from when your Bike was delivered to purchase a Service Plan. If you would like to do this then please contact our Sales team to do so.

Peloton has also quietly updated their terms & conditions for the UK service plans. The previously policy in effect was V2 – dated February 10, 2021. However, the support page for the service plan now points to a new version that goes into effect today, May 24th, 2021. It is now V3.

So what exactly changed in the terms & conditions for the UK service plan? It now clearly specifies their intent is for it to be added within the first 12 months of purchase – but not later than that first year.

The original V2 terms had stated:

You don’t have to enter into this Service Contract at the same time as You purchase Your Covered Product. You may, upon our discretion, enter into the Service Agreement after expiration of limited warranty

The original V2 Terms & Conditions related to adding on warranty after purchase.
The original V2 Terms & Conditions related to adding on warranty after purchase.

This line has been replaced with a new statement clarifying it is only within 12 months:

You can enter into this Service Contract within twelve (12) months from the delivery date of Your Covered Product.

The new V3 Terms & Conditions - explicitly stating you have 12 months
The new V3 Terms & Conditions – explicitly stating you have 12 months

The new policy also appears to no longer be renewable. The old policy had a condition clarifying that owners could potentially renew the service plan:

Renewal: Upon Your request this Service Contract is renewable at Our discretion. Renewal cost will be notified prior to renewal.

That line was also removed in the newest version.

If you’re not familiar with the extended warranty Peloton offers, you can read up on it here – which also has directions on the best number to call to add it on to your account.

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