Peloton Secures a New Underwriter (Extend Warranty Services) for Extended Warranty Plans in the United States

Peloton has secured a new underwriter for their extended warranty plans – or what Peloton refers to as “Peloton Protection Plans” – in the United States. As of May 1, 2023, Extend Warranty Services Corporation will service Peloton’s U.S.-based extended warranty plans.

This change has no impact on how much the protection plans cost, or how long they are good for – it’s more of a behind-the-scenes change on who Peloton is working with to provide the warranties to members.

The Peloton Protection Plan terms and conditions have been updated with this change:

Obligor, We, Us, and Our: the entity that is obligated to provide service under this Plan is Extend Warranty Services Corporation in all states except in Florida, Oklahoma, and Washington where it is Extend Protection Corporation, both located at 3300 N. Interstate 35, Ste 700, Austin, TX 78705, 1-(877) 248-7707.

Peloton Extended Protection Plan Terms & Conditions support page.
Peloton Extended Protection Plan Terms & Conditions support page.

This means that Peloton Protection Plans purchased on or after May 1 will have Extend Warranty Services Corporation as the underwriter.

Members who purchased their extended warranty plans before May 1 have Peloton’s previous provider as their underwriter, AIG WarrantyGuard, Inc. This is outlined in the dedicated Peloton support page.

Peloton rebranded their extended warranty plans as Peloton Protection Plans in the U.S. in April 2022. Along with the name change, they also allowed the warranties to be transferable; allowed members who purchase a hardware device second-hand to obtain warranties; and updated the term lengths and pricing.

You find the full details regarding Peloton Protection Plans via the support page.

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