2020 Peloton Christmas & Holiday Classes & Workouts announced + Holiday Activity Challenge

This morning Peloton began rolling out their Christmas & Holiday classes for 2020. These will span almost every class type Peloton has: from cycling, running, tread bootcamp, yoga, strength, and more. The classes will begin on December 7th, and Peloton will be announcing new ones each week. We will update this post each week as more get added. And don’t forget to check out our holiday gift guide if you still need to get anyone a Peloton related gift!

Schedule for Peloton’s 2020 Christmas Classes & Holiday Workouts

If you can’t wait to get started, you can find a full list of Peloton’s Holiday workouts from all previous years here.

Image Credit: Peloton Instagram

Additionally, Peloton also announced a new Holiday Activity challenge. This works the same as the regular monthly challenges, where you get badges for working out a certain number of days. However, rather than the normal Gold/Silver/Bronze badges, users will earn Gift 1 / Gift 2 / Gift 3 badges. There is also a normal December activity challenge, so you can sign up for both for extra badges. Head over to Peloton’s website to sign up, or do so through your Peloton Bike or Tread, or the iOS app.

Holiday Activity Challenge
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