The Peloton Tread is available for sale in Australia via phone or chat

Peloton is quietly selling the Tread in Australia ahead of their official launch next month. Customers who call or chat Peloton may be able to purchase a Tread even though the device is not yet officially for sale on the website.

Peloton has updated their Tread Australia Launch FAQs support page with a new frequently asked question:

Q: I’ve seen others with Treads already [on social media]. Is it available now?
A: To ensure a smooth delivery experience for our Members, we are currently testing our system and delivery processes with a small group of people. If you would like to be considered as part of this activity, please contact our Sales team at 1800 952 535 or via the chat function at

Tread Australia Launch FAQs support page
Tread Australia Launch FAQs support page

It is unclear how large this “test” group is, but Australian members have reported that they successfully ordered a Tread by either calling or chatting with Peloton. As Peloton states, this early sale period provides them time to test out their logistics before the device officially launches. Note that you cannot yet purchase the Tread on the Peloton Australia website – you can only sign up to receive updates in advance of the launch.

Peloton first announced that the Tread would become available in Australia last month. The device will officially launch next month in February 2023.

If you’re located in Australia and are interested in buying the device early, you can contact Peloton by phone at 1800 952 535 or via the chat function at

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