Cruise Ships with Peloton Bicycles & Peloton Treads

Cruise Ships with Peloton Bicycles & Peloton Treads

As Peloton has become more popular, more and more locations are starting to include Peloton equipment in their gym, and this includes cruise ships! Not every cruise line is embracing Peloton though, but we’ve gathered up a few of the cruise lines & ships where you can expect to find Peloton equipment. You’ll need to check with the cruise line for specifics on whether they have both the bicycle and treadmill, or just one device.

Celebrity Edge

The Celebrity Edge has 5 bikes in their fitness center. They have both SPD clips and toe cages.
Peloton bikes in the fitness center of the Celebrity Edge cruise ship

NCL Norwegian Bliss

The NCL Norwegian Cruise Lines Bliss had 2 bikes in the fitness center, and both had SPD clips & toe cages.
As of January 2019 there are conflicting reports that the bikes on the Bliss have potentially been temporarily removed due to internet streaming issues. As always, please be sure to double check with the hotel or cruise line before booking!
Peloton bicycles in the fitness center of the NCL Norwegian Bliss cruise ship

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