Peloton Fit Family

Complete list of Peloton Fit Family Classes (Cardio & Yoga) & Schedule

The Fit Family Peloton classes are designed to get the whole family involved in working out. Designed for all ages, the Family Family Cardio and Fit Family Yoga can be done with all members of the family.

There are several different types and category of Peloton's Fit Family classes - including brain breaks, "fun", and strong. For Yoga, there are special subcategories for Peloton classes for kids and Peloton classes for tweens.

Peloton hasn't yet added the fit family classes to the regular rotation, instead just dropping a few of them at random points during the year. However, it does seem to be becoming a tradition for Jess Sims to host a live fit family class during Thanksgiving week along with the rest of the Thanksgiving Peloton classes. She usually does it live with a guest instructor as well. Recently, there have been several new Fit Family classes as part of the Peloton Disney classes as well.

This list will continue to be updated as Peloton adds more Fit Family Fun classes. Note that there are two separate lists - one for the cardio classes, and one for the yoga classes.

Complete List of Fit Family Cardio Peloton Classes

Complete List of Fit Family Yoga Peloton Classes

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Special thanks to @ordinaryallie for wrangling class data.