New Peloton Walking Meditation Classes & Collection Released

Peloton has released their first-ever walking meditation classes, which are meditations designed to be taken while walking instead of in a traditional meditation pose. Peloton shared the news via the @PelotonStudios Instagram Stories.

@PelotonStudios Instagram Story announcing release of walking meditation classes.
@PelotonStudios Instagram Story announcing release of walking meditation classes.

11 new classes are available, housed within a dedicated collection. The instructors include Mariana Fernández, Anna Greenberg, Denis Morton, Kirra Michel, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Ross Rayburn; and classes range from 10-20 minutes in length. You can view the complete class list below:

List of Peloton Walking Meditation Classes

Walking meditation classes.
Walking meditation classes.

Note that the classes are designated as a walking modality rather than a meditation modality. However, even though they are walks, at this time they do not seem to track your mileage as other outdoor walks / classes would. It is not clear if this will be changed in a future update or not.

As of publishing time the classes can only be viewed within the collection itself, not within the larger on-demand library. The collection is aptly called “Walking Meditations,” and the description reads:

Walking meditation is the practice of creating equilibrium in body and mind. Step-by-step, learn to focus on your surroundings and stay present as you mindfully move.

Walking Meditations Collection.
Walking Meditations Collection.

Peloton first teased that this new content was on the way in their weekly “This Week at Peloton” Instagram post. Peloton also published a blog post with additional information about the new classes. In the article, instructor Kirra Michel shares how walking meditations can be beneficial:

“Walking meditations are great ways to become present and grounded whilst in motion,” says Peloton instructor Kirra Michel. It might be easier to purposefully pay attention to your breath and sensations while seated in a quiet room, but walking while meditating involves a variety of challenges—or rather, opportunities—to be mindful. (Conversely, some people may find it harder to commit to a seated or reclined meditation position, whether on account of discomfort or restlessness.

Though not confirmed, we anticipate Peloton will add to the collection over time with future walking meditation classes. They also may eventually become available within the broader on-demand library, and not solely within the collection.

For more information about walking meditation, check out Peloton’s blog post. Will you be taking any of these new classes?

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