Sixty Beverly Hills Hotel California

9360 Wilshire Blvd Beverley Hills CA United States

Details about the Peloton or workout area at the location

As of November 2019, this was reported to no longer have any bikes in the gym. One room (the Penthouse Room) might have a bike available in the room.
Above 60 is unlike any other ordinary hotel gym. Run by world renowned boxing champion, Danny Musico, guests at the SIXTY have a rare opportunity to get in shape with a highly acclaimed trainer. He is best known for training A-list stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant, Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby, Mark Wahlberg for The Fighter, and Sylvester Stallone for award winning Rocky, amongst many others. In addition to making sure these actors are fit for the big screen, Musico has trained Navy Seals, Policy Academy Cadets, Firefighters, and other professionals in order to make sure they are physically prepared for duty. The cutting edge equipment offered in Above 60 makes this gym both unique and irresistible.

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This location was reported to no longer have Peloton equipment. This page has been left up for historical purposes.

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