Complete List of Peloton Metal Classes & Workouts (Peloton Metal Rides, Run, Yoga, etc)

A complete list of all Peloton Metal Classes & Workouts, including all the Peloton Metal bike rides, Metal runs on the Peloton Tread, and more

Over the years, Peloton has quietly been building up their library of specific themed classes. One area they have been focusing on recently is metal-themed classes - or Peloton workouts that contain playlists just of metal music.

The majority of Peloton's metal classes are taught by Kendall Toole in English, or Erik Jager in German - but more and more instructors are starting to add metal songs to their classes & library.

The lists below contain all of the known Peloton Metal classes. If you know of one we are missing, just email us!

The lists are structured broken down by class type, or you can scroll to the bottom for a complete list in chronological order.

Complete List of Peloton Metal Rides for the Peloton Bike

Complete List of Peloton Metal Runs for the Peloton Tread

Complete List of Peloton Metal Tread Bootcamps

Complete List of Peloton Yoga Classes

Complete List of Peloton Metal Strength Classes

Complete List of Peloton Metal Classes & Workouts in Chronological Order

This list is continually being updated as Peloton adds more Metal classes & workouts. It sometimes takes a few days for us to add them - but again, just email us if you see one we haven't added yet and we'll update it quickly!

If you are interested in other themed classes you can check out our full themed list here.

A complete list of Peloton classes & workouts that are metal themed & have metal songs - rides, runs, yoga strength, and more.