Hannah Marie Corbin's Peloton Classes & Workout History

If you’ve ever taken a Pilates or barre class with Hannah, you know slow burn is real. Hannah translates that to the bike, too. She is proof that sustained resistance at a moderate cadence can mean a killer workout. You probably won’t sprint or be horribly gasping for air, but your output won’t suffer because of it. Plus, Hannah is like a ray of sunshine on the bike. She’s not over-the-top or even the instructor who spews the most words of encouragement, but you just feel her positive vibe urging you forward throughout the class. Her rides are sure to make you stronger -- and a bit happier, too.

Best Hannah Corbin Peloton Classes: 45 Minute Country Ride (7/12/2020), 20 Minute Pick-Me-Up Ride (12/26/2020), 30 Minute Intervals & Arms Ride (2/11/2021)

Beyond Cycling Hannah’s also known for her Barre and Pilates classes, but trust us when we say, she is one of the best to stretch with. Her 10-minute foam rolling classes mainly on one part of the body and are the perfect way to target tight muscles, but try her Full Body one from 11/25/19 to get started.

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