Ritz Carlton Sarasota Florida

1111 Ritz-Carlton Drive Sarasota FL United States

Details about the Peloton or workout area at the location

3 Peloton Bikes
SPD/Toe Cages
The Wellness Center at The Spa offers State-of-the-art cardio-vascular fitness equipment including: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Recumbent and upright bicycles, Personal flat screen televisions, Complete life fitness strength-training circuit, Mirrored free-weight area, Intimate movement studio for pilates and yoga instruction, Variety of fitness and wellness classes, Personal training, Guest activities

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Monday : Open 24 Hours

Tuesday: Open 24 Hours

Wednesday: Open 24 Hours

Thursday: Open 24 Hours

Friday: Open 24 Hours

Saturday: Open 24 Hours

Sunday: Open 24 Hours