Robin Arzon's Peloton Classes & Workout History

There is one word that embodies Robin: Queen. She is grit, hustle, grace, positivity, light, power, love, determination and more all rolled into one. Don’t be mistaken – she is going to kick your ass. But she’ll motivate you in ways you never thought possible. She’ll share stories about her own personal journey that will make you feel like you’re working out with a friend. She’ll call you royalty and you’ll believe her. She’ll encourage you to push in 3, 2, 1 and your legs will move faster than you ever thought possible. She has a ride for every emotion you are feeling and for every level you’re looking to achieve. She only asks one thing: That you show up with your crown on because she only rocks with royalty.

Best Robin Arzon Peloton Classes: The Greatest Showman Ride (11/16/2018), 30 Minute 90s Hip Hop Ride (1/6/2021), 20 Minute Tabatat Ride (2/20/2020)

Beyond Cycling If you run or walk outdoors, don’t forget about the Peloton app and take Robin outside with you. She brings the same enthusiasm and inspiration to those classes as she does to the ones on the bike. She mixes in personal stories -- like being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes right before she was supposed to ultra marathon – while encouraging you to step into your greatness. Over 100K people have taken her 30 Minute 90s Fun Run (3/12/2020) and every one of them has given it a thumbs up.

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