Jenn Sherman's Peloton Classes & Workout History

Jenn is the super cool older sister you never had. She makes the best mixed tapes, goes to the best concerts and perfectly drops the occasional curse word into casual conversation – or a ride. Jen’s the original Peloton instructor and it’s easy to see why. Everything about the way she teaches is effortless. Her playlists are magic. She’s never frazzled or overly animated. She just owns the ride. Though her rides will never be the toughest on the schedule, you’ll get a mix of climbs, sprints and out-of-the-saddle work with some recoveries built in. In the end, you’ll get a solid workout, hear some amazing tunes and feel a bit cooler than you were when you started the ride.

Best Jenn Sherman Peloton Classes: 45 Minute My Mixtape Ride (4/25/2021), 10 Minute Justin Bieber Warm Up Ride (4/7/2021), 30 Minute Epic Sing Along Ride (5/5/2019)

Beyond Cycling Jenn’s 5 minute post-ride stretches are the perfect way to end your ride. She always hits the quads, glutes and hamstrings, so you release all that tension. Plus, five minutes is the perfect amount of time to let your heart rate settle and give your muscles a little extra TLC. Her class from 9/14/2020 is great one to hit up after any workout.

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