Cody Rigsby's Peloton Classes & Workout History

Riding with Cody is like riding with your gay best friend – assuming your gay best friend loves RuPaul’s Drag Race, hates kitten heels, talks a lot about food (a lot) and can make you burst out laughing while you’re gasping for air after an out-of-the-saddle push. Cody’s rides are tough but attainable. You’ll get fast intervals and climbs but you will also always get recoveries. Fair warning, Cody does like to talk, but for most, it’s his funny monologue about anything and everything that make the classes fly by. You will rarely feel like you can’t get finish. Plus, they’re so fun, you probably wouldn’t want to stop anyway.

Best Cody Rigsby Peloton Classes: Any XOXO Cody rides, Backstreet Boys Ride (5/17/2019), 30 Minute Pop Ride (1/19/2021)

Beyond Cycling Cody will pretty much remind you every other class but … if you haven’t tried one of his Bike Bootcamp Classes yet, what are you waiting for?? His 30-minute Bootcamp: Bodyweight from 1/22/2021 is awesome and all you need is a mat.

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