Ben Alldis's Peloton Classes & Workout History

There’s a steadfastness and, dare we say, politeness to Ben that make his classes a go-to. But that gentleman quality doesn’t mean he’s not going to make you work hard. In Ben’s classes, there’s not a lot of time where you’re not pushing -- Ben often throws in a few spin ups where you increase cadence during the warm-up – and it doesn’t slow down much from there. You’ll climb, you’ll hit some resistance intervals, you’ll jog out of the saddle. And through it all, Ben will calmly guide and encourage you. He exudes positivity and will definitely introduce at least one or two songs as “an absolute banger” or “one of his all-time favorite songs.” He’s not going to yell or do crazy dance moves. He’s simply going to push you and tell you that you’ve got it and he has your back. The craziest part is that you will believe him.

Best Ben Alldis Peloton Classes: 45 Minute HIIT & Hills Ride (4/28/2021), 30 Minute 2010s Ride (9/30/2020), 20 Minute Beginner Ride (3/14/2020)

Beyond Cycling Ben’s strength classes are great for any level. He talks through the movement and gives clear direction. You’ll never feel rushed or confused, which is perfect for a beginner. His classes will challenge you but they won’t leave you so sore that you can’t ride the next day. Check out his 10 Minute Gluets & Legs Strength from 12/17/2020 to see what we mean.

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