“Music” Tab Added to Profiles on Peloton Android App (Peloton Playlist) + Video Thumbnails

Peloton is expanding their popular playlist feature to the Android App. The playlist feature allows members to save songs they enjoy during Peloton classes, which can then be synced to a Spotify or Apple Music playlist. However, until now the feature was only accessible on hardware devices such as the Bike/Bike+, Tread/Tread+, and Row. Today it has made its way to the Android app, with some new features and functionality.

Previously members had to access their profile on their hardware device in order to see their saved music on a Peloton platform. If you have an Android app, you can now access it there as well via a new “music” tab on your Peloton profile.

New "Music" tab in profile on Android app.
New “Music” tab in profile on Android app.

Selecting that tab will display the complete list of songs you’ve saved during a Peloton workout. You can also manage the list of songs right from the app by tapping the “heart” button, which will remove that particular song from your track list.

Managing saved songs via profile in the Android app.
Managing saved songs via profile in the Android app.

In addition, the “heart” icons now appear when viewing the playlist in the class plan similar to the way they do on hardware devices. This means that you can easily see within the playlist how many tracks you’ve saved before you begin the class, and you can now favorite a track from the actual class plan as well, syncing it to your preferred playlist.

Playlist hearts displayed via class details.
Playlist hearts displayed via class details.

You are also able to heart & save songs during the class at any point.

Saving a song to your Peloton playlist during a class with the Peloton app.
Saving a song to your Peloton playlist during a class with the Peloton app.

This addition of playlists to the Android app has also brought about a new aspect – other members can now see your saved tracks, as the “music” tab lives on your profile and is visible to other members.

Viewing another member's saved songs via the Android app.
Viewing another member’s saved songs via the Android app.

Note that there is a way to disable this component if you’d like your saved tracks to be visible only to you. Members may see a privacy alert on their app, prompting them to review their settings.

Privacy alert on Android app.
Privacy alert on Android app.

Within the profile preferences there is now a “hide my music activity” option, which will ensure that only you can see your saved songs. Unless disabled, your saved music will be visible to other members.

"Hide my music activity" option in settings.
“Hide my music activity” option in settings.

At this time the new privacy toggle only appears to be visible in the Android app – not via the web or iOS app.

Peloton’s support page regarding Peloton Playlist has been updated to include the Android App and new information regarding privacy settings. Note that for now this feature is only available via Android – not iOS.

Finally, Peloton is enhancing the “preview” feature that first made its way to the Android app this past July. The preview feature allows members to preview a class directly from the app. The ability to preview classes has long been available on hardware devices, but it was never available on the app or web browser until it was added to Android.

However, members had to intentionally start the preview by clicking the “preview” button, which launched a 45-second compilation of 2-3 random, predefined snippets from the class. Now on the Android app the preview begins playing automatically when you click into a class – with video only, no audio.

You can see this in action on YouTube here, or embedded below:

Historically, when clicking into a class to view more details about the class plan, playlist, and more, there was only a static thumbnail at the top. Now Android users will see the dynamic class preview upon selecting a workout. This has replaced the class thumbnail.

Again, this feature is only currently available on Android – not the iOS App.

What do you think of these new features? Would you like to see them added to the iOS app and potentially the web browser?

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